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The Best Features of the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse
Here’s what I absolutely love about the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse:

  • Easy to use (with no babysitting): I can turn the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse on, throw some chips in, and walk away! There is a small side door that you can use to add additional wood chips without having to open the unit and let the heat out. I add additional chips every few hours to increase the smoked flavor, although I have admittedly smoked some baby back ribs overnight for a mid-morning brunch and had no problems letting it run without additional chips. The only downside I have encountered with this is if you leave the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse closed all of the time, you can’t mop the food as often.
  • Great temperature control: I live in Ohio, so it gets pretty cold here in the winter. I have had no problem running a consistent temperature (+/- five degrees) with the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse during the frigid winters (or any other time for that matter). I timed it once, and I was able to get the Masterbuilt up to 250 degrees in 30-degree weather within 24 minutes. The digital temperature control on the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse ranges from 100 to 275 F – a great range in my opinion.
  • Ample capacity: With four racks, the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse can accommodate a lot of food. With bigger roasts I only use two, but I have been able to fit over 30 pounds of meat in the smokehouse at once. It’s great to cook up a lot to freeze for later or when you have a lot of guests coming over. If you need to cook over 30 pounds of meat or huge roasts, you might want to try a different model or brand.
  • Complete flavor control: The thing I love about smoking my own meat is that I have complete control over the seasonings, sauces, and smoke I use. I feel much better using my Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse than I do visiting a restaurant and not knowing quite what they put in their recipes or how they perform their smoking process.

Additional Features I Would Love to See on the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse

Even though I love my Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse (just ask my wife!), I would love to see the manufacturer add a few features:

  • A longer cord: The cord is only about four feet, and according to Masterbuilt’s customer service, using an extension cord (even an industrial one) can cause the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse to lose some of its power. I usually plug it directly into an outdoor outlet, but I have used a heavy-duty extension cord on a few occasions. I keep a closer eye on it when I do, just in case.
  • Wheels: Wheels would make the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse easier to move around.
  • Non-stick drip pans and racks: I find cleaning the unit fairly easy quick, but non-stick pans and racks would be an added bonus!

These are minor issues, but I wanted to point them out so this doesn’t seem like I feel like I am trying to promote this electric smoker as the “perfect” product.  There are no perfect products!

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